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MIS Anterior Approach

Capsular Incision in Anterior Approach
Capsular Incision in Anterior Approach.

The advantages of MIS hip replacement can include reduced blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and a faster recovery.

The anterior approach utilizes a natural interval that allows the surgeon to access the hip with disrupting muscle attachments.

While the literature has been inconsistent, some studies have shown that patients who have an anterior approach for hip replacement regain their activity sooner than those who had traditional, full-sized incisions. Also, the anterior approach is associated with a very low dislocation rate.

Dislocation in Anterior Approach.

However, the MIS anterior incision patients as a group do no better than patients who have had MIS posterior incisions.

Complications Associated with Anterior Approach

False reaming and Fractures of the Femur
Muscle Damage

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