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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive (MIS) Total Knee Replacement

MIS total knee replacement focus on smaller instruments, less soft tissue disruption, and gentler methods in an effort to allow easier recovery and better range of motion after knee replacement. With the new procedure, a surgeon can replace a knee joint with a 4-inch cut versus the standard 12-inch incision used in most total knee replacement surgery today.

Dr. McAllister is a recognized investigator and developer of MIS instruments and techniques and in knee replacement and has written and presented numerous articles, chapters, and presentations in this area. His work on MIS techniques has shown that MIS techniques decrease pain, blood loss, complications, rehabilitation, and time in the hospital after knee replacement.

Now, new computer navigation technology is combined with MIS techniques. The computer provides real-time, 3-D imaging and guides the surgeon’s cuts. It also confirms the accuracy of the cuts. The new computer equipment, used very often for precision neurosurgery, allows orthopedic surgeons to more accurately place implants and align the leg. Navigation also greatly decreases the need for exposure, making it the perfect companion technology for MIS total knee replacement.

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