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Rapid Mobilization

Rapid Mobilization

Rapid Rehabilitation and Early Mobilization After Joint Replacement

Patients are mobilized out of bed on the day of surgery. A continuous passive machine (CPM) is started on all TKA cases on the first postoperative day. All hip and knee replacement patients are allowed get out of bed and are encouraged ambulate.

Patients are discharged typically after one night in the hospital, once they can walk 50 feet, transfer independently in and out of bed and to the bathroom, and go up and down stairs.

Every effort is focused on discharging patients to home and avoiding prolonged stays in the hospital or transfers to nursing homes. This has been shown to reduce complication rates. At home, patients continue with CPM, multi-modal pain management, and gentle mobilization. Once they return to clinic on postoperative day 5-7, they referred for outpatient physical therapy.

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