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Although traditional joint replacement is one of the most effective and widely accepted surgical solutions for severe arthritis, active patients seek a more functional, less invasive, and longer-lasting alternative. Recent advances in joint replacement techniques offer such an alternative.

Specifically, multimodal pain management, patient-specific preoperative education, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and computer navigation technology, offer what active patients want. Add to that a proven, rapid rehabilitation program and high-demand patients have the quickest and safest route now available to return them to their active lifestyles.

Preoperative Preparation


Patient Education

Multiple studies have confirmed that a thorough preoperative patient education program decreases complications and improves patient satisfaction. In traditional programs, these preoperative education sessions are typically done in a group setting. While such “joint camps” are very helpful for addressing the general issues around a joint replacement surgery, they are less effective in addressing the issues that are of specific importance to individual patients.

One-to-One Patient Education:

Prior to your surgery with Dr. McAllister, you will have “One-to-One Patient Education Session” where your final decision to undergo surgery will be made. Our goals during this session are to confirm the appropriateness of the surgery, identify opportunities to eliminate complications, define goals, and help set accurate expectations in terms of the main issues that are important to patients:

  • Pain management
  • Speed of recovery
  • Return to Activities
  • Long term Result

Friends and Family

MIS surgical techniques and Rapid recovery programs have been shown to improve patient satisfaction, decrease postoperative pain, and improve functional results. It is important that patients and their family be adequately informed and prepared for the days and weeks after the surgery. Please plan on bringing your “care-giver” with you to your “One-to-One” Session.

  • Preoperative Patient Education
  • Comprehensive Pain Management
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques
  • Rapid Mobilization

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Computer Navigation Technology

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